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Rear trunk lid spoilers add a sporty styling to your car. Spoilers can be installed on almost any car, van or SUV.

Step Bars

Step bars can also be referred to as nerf bars or in some cases oval bars. Using a step bar makes entering a taller vehicle easier for shorter members of your family friends. Step bars can come in black and stainless steel, tubular and oval. We also offer side entry steps, running boards and anything else that might meet your van or truck entry needs.

Running Boards

Running boards differ from step bars. Running boards offer more of a flat surface for you to step on. There is no real functionality difference; just aesthetics.


Sunroofs and moon roofs are synonymous. We offer spoiler roofs which open outside of the car, and we also offer an inbuilt roof. Inbuilt roofs are factory style roofs that open and slide into the headliner. All roofs we offer are guaranteed not to leak for the lifetime of the vehicle.

Body Side Moldings

Body side moldings are the pieces of high impact plastic that protects your car from door dings. We offer painted, chrome and flat black moldings that fit almost any vehicle.

Wheel Covers

Wheel covers offer a chrome appeal to your wheels without the cost of expensive aftermarket rims or wheels. We offer a plethora of chrome hub caps that will fit any steel wheel from 13 inches to 18 inches. We also carry chrome over alloy applications that fit specific aluminum or alloy wheels .

Hood Scoops

Hood scoops can offer an aggressive styling to your car's hood. They install onto the hood of your car to give the appearance of a ram air style hood. We have applications that will fit anywhere from trucks to cars.

Tonno Covers

Tonno covers have many different spellings such as: tonneau covers, tonneau covers, or even seen it spelled tono. It seems every manufacturer has a different spelling. We offer anywhere from painted fiberglass, soft snap, soft Velcro, soft tri-fold, hard tri-fold, and everything in between. We also offer toppers to your truck as well. Please looks at the links page to see your next tonno or topper.

Fender Flares

Fender flares offer a wide fender molding that will fit your oversized tires on your truck. We offer several different applications for any truck.

Vent Visors

Vent visors are also know as window vents. These vents offer a rain guard over your door windows in order to allow air flow through your cabin without getting wet.

Convertible Top Simulators

Convertible top simulators are installed on the roof of your car to make your car look like a convertible. These simulators are very popular on Lincoln Towncars, Mercury Grand Marquis and almost all limousines. We also have simulators for the Chrysler 300 and many new cars off the Lincoln and Mercury lines.

Leather Upholstery

Leather upholstery can be added to any vehicle to replace the factory cloth. Leather offers an easy cleanable seating surface with more durability and comfort. Add heated seats to your leather interior and have the most comfortable vehicles you've ever driven. We use the best leather from the best leather interior company Katzkin. Katzkin offers two tone, contrast stitching, piping, and custom embroidery options to any interior to make your car one of a kind. Leather in your vehicle is more affordable than you think.

Heated Seats

Heated seats can be added to almost all vehicle cloth or leather interiors. We offer a heated seats that cover the bottom and back of the seat with a high and low switch to meet any cold weather condition.

DVD Players

DVD players can be added to the headliner of most vehicles and headrests of most vehicles. Some of our units offer preprogrammed video games with controllers and wireless headsets. Call and ask what we can offer you.

Chrome Accessories

We offer a enormous selection of chrome handles, chrome mirror cover, chrome rocker panels, chrome grills and much more. We are a authorized retailer of E&G grills which offers endless grill options for most vehicles. E&G offers anywhere from billet grills to mesh Bentley style grills. Check out our links page to pick out your grill. Contact us for your cheapest price on all your chrome accessories.

Wheel Lips

Wheel lips are another chrome accessory that line the opening of the cars wheel well that add a luxurious styling. Add a pillar post to the same car and add stunning look to your car.

Body Kits

Also known as ground effects can be painted and installed onto select vehicles. They add a sporty lower stance to cars to give them that sport compact or race look that is so popular with the younger generations.

Tail Lights

Aftermarket tail lights add a chrome or black tail light look to make your vehicle different than any other on the road.

Fog Lights

Fog lights add a lower white light to the front end of your vehicle to help penetrate through hard to see dense for; making visibility increase in dangerous conditions.