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You're Telling Me You Can Spray In a Bed Liner?

When most people think of a bed liner, they think about a drop in piece of plastic that sits in their truck bed that eventually ends up curling at the ends. Here at Auto Image we specialize in not only drop in bed liners but, spray in bed liners. Spray in bed liners are the ultimate liner for your truck or utility vehicle. They are more durable than any bed liner on the market and a lot less slippery than those plastic liners. They prevent dents and dings for when you are putting your tool box in the back or even the kids bicycles.

Another great perk about our spray in bed liners is that they are certified for factory warranties by most manufacturers, which means it's what they use from the factory! They are a perfect factory fit and finish to all trucks and utility vehicles. So, if you are looking for a non-slip surface in your vehicle, a spray in bed liner is perfect for you!

Questions or want to schedule? We would love to help! Call us today at 269-685-5841! Not a fan of phone calls? No problem, email us at or text 269-506-0468.

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