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Auto Image and Restylers United are committed to eliminating deaths from distracted driving. The following accessories will help us, and safe drivers, meet that goal.
HD Dash Camera with GPS Map Display and Speed Tracking

Dash cameras are invaluable when making insurance claims, disputing tickets, and recording other important moments on the road.

Front Collision Warning System

Sometimes it's tough to see over a long hood. With a front collision warning system you'll never need to guess how far objects are from your bumper. Some systems even integrate lane departure warnings and additional features.

Lane Departure Warning System

Lane drift happens to everyone. Distractions, regardless of how focused you are, will crop up. Ensure that your attention is pulled back to the road with a departure alarm.

Radar Blind Spot Detection

Blind spots are present in all vehicles, regardless of how well designed their roof supports are. Low profile radar blind spot monitors prevent danger when changing lanes and making other maneuvers.

Protect your vehicle on the road and in the lot with a rear collision warning system. A display shows distance when objects enter sensor range. Beeps may also indicate distance.

Rear Collision Warning System
Back Up Camera (Consumer)

Back up cameras are extremely useful in urban and rural settings. Avoid children, tree stumps, potholes, and more. Several back up camera placement options are available, so call for details.

Back Up Camera (Commercial)

Commercial back up cameras are critical. Longer vehicles like vans often have worse visibility than consumer models. Reduce the potential for costly accidents in your workplace's fleet in one easy step.

ADAS+ Safety System

The Advanced Driver Assistance System integrates several features into one convenient unit. A dash camera, lane departure sensor, forward collision alert, and traffic movement alert are included.

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